Glitter and Gloss was created in 2012 as a place to share the love for all things nail polish! Blog founders Allison, Annie and Wendy are long-time friends and self-proclaimed polishaholics. Based in Orange County, Calif., the trio stays busy with get-togethers, where they pair a little bit of gossip with a whole lot of glitter.



Allison has a passion for polish, particularly in the color pink! She loves trying new manicures and layering lacquers for fun looks. Even when she's not blogging, Allison works with words as an editor for a magazine group in Southern California.

Favorite brand: OPI and Essie
First nail polish memory: Spilling a bottle of purple polish (oops) on a white leather couch (double oops!)
Wish List:  Zoya Fleck Effect Holographic Nail Glaze,  everything OPI and China Glaze



If Wendy could describe herself in a bottle of nail polish, it would be OPI's Teenage Dream—sweet, sparkly and super girly! Wendy is  a dental student at UCLA. She is addicted to coffee and boba, and loves going to Disneyland.

Favorite brand: OPI
First nail polish memory: First nail polish she owned was a bright teal that her mom wouldn't let her use ... so she used it to paint all her paperclips.
Wish List: Essie Dive Bar Collection, Deborah Lippmann "Today was a Fairytale" and her other glitters!



Annie is the resident nail polish bumpkin and lover of hearts, rainbows and all things cute. If even she can make her nails sparkle and shine, so can you!

Favorite brand: OPI
First nail polish memory: Before getting her hands on the real stuff, she remembers coloring in her nails with pink highlighter.
Wish List:  China Glaze Hunger Games (esp. Fast Track, Stone Cold, Smoke and Ashes, Electrify), China Glaze "For Audrey"