Monday, February 6, 2012

Half Moon Mani

Picture I'm still learning how to do the crazy awesome nail art that some of the pro bloggers have done, but this is an early attempt at a half-moon mani that didn't come out half bad.

I started out with two coats of a sheer nude polish over the entire nail. I used China Glaze, but my new favorite is OPI "So Many Clowns ... So Little Time." I waited overnight for the first coat of polish to dry, but with a quick-dry top-coat you should be okay after about an hour. Now for the fun part---there are pre-cut stickers out there that you can buy  for French manis, but I prefer the DIY method.

After cutting ten small pieces of Scotch tape with a rounded edge, I taped over the bottom portion of my nail, making sure that the edges were sealed off. When you use Scotch tape for nail art, I've found that it helps to tape it a few times to the back of your hand so that it takes a majority of the adhesive off. Otherwise, you end up with goop all over your nail (or worse, it takes the polish off).

I used three coats of China Glaze White Ice for the tips, pulled the tape off after about 40 minutes and voila---a half moon mani! Line the polish line with a color of your choice (bronze glitter pictured), seal with top coat and you've got a great twist on a classic French manicure.

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