Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Part 2

I don't have much to add onto Allison's thorough review of the Gem Crush Collection from Sally Hansen, so definitely scroll down or click here to take a look at what she has to say.  Here are my two cents on the colors that I swatched:

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - 01
Showgirl Chic

Ultra fine silver glitters with some slightly larger blue glitters.  I feel like this is a color combo I've seen before, and a good staple glitter polish to have.  I find that the drying time on these polishes are super awesome, I find myself layering the next coat on only a minute or so right after the first coat. 3 coats do the trick! The first layer is very thin, but it's buildable.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - 04

Small Turquoise Glitters with larger hexagonal silver glitters.  This polish is a lot thinner than the other ones I swatched (I did three coats in this photo, and you can see how some areas are more sparse than the others).  It's a more difficult color to work with, but I think the color is pretty awesome (in a crazy sort of way)! I definitely think it's a flashy color, something to save for a fun night out!

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - 05

Ultra fine fuschia glitter with slightly larger light pink sparkles.  This is my favorite color of the 4 I swatched, it's totally cute and something I would rock.  As Allison mentioned, these polishes do go on matte, but some top coat makes it super shiny.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - 08
Glitz Gal

Charcoal colored glitter with some small ultrafine silver glitters, and with larger holographic silver sparkles.  Probably the shiniest of the 4 colors, and the most complicated color of the 4. Consistency is similar to  the others, and the color is great!

 I think that this collection is great if you are looking for more thick and matte looking glitter polishes.  They definitely can work on their own (not just as a top coat polish), and have great opacity. I like the diversity of the colors in the collection. The texture of the polishes are interesting, since it is thicker and drier than the traditional glitter polish.  I think these are definitely worth giving a try, and most of all, I LOVE the brush on these--- I really want to look into more Sally Hansen polishes after trying these out!

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