Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Easy ... So Fun!

So it's no secret that we love nail art here at Glitter and Gloss ... and when we got word of the new It's So Easy Nail Art website, we were all over it like white on rice.  Created for nail lovers everywhere, the It's So Easy website features a nifty nail art community where fans can upload their nail designs, regardless of experience level.
Love the color scheme!
"Nothing is impossible when it comes to nail art," according to the company, and after browsing the site I have to agree. The product section offers Stripe Rites, which are thin brushes to help with any design, plus loose glitters, cracked ice glitters, rhinestones, sealers and handy tools.

Personally, we found the best feature of the website to be the incredibly easy-to-follow How-To page, complete with a step-by-step and product list. We only wish there were more than just three posted!

All in all, it's a great place to get inspired for your own designs and maybe pick up some helpful tips and tricks.

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