Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black and Pink Argyle Mani

As I was scrolling through Facebook and catching up on my friends' lives - particularly the several weddings that took place this summer - I came across a super cute photo from a college acquaintance who dressed her groom in pink and black argyle socks. I couldn't get my own husband to agree to this on our day, so I decided to settle for the second-best option: black and pink argyle nails.

I started out with a base of OPI Her Royal Shine-Ness, which I picked up in a set with OPI Servin' Up The Sparkle at Ulta. I actually have never used this lacquer before, but it was a nice surprise to find out that the formula had a nice consistency and opacity, plus went on smoothly, especially for a glitter.

I painted the top half of my nails with a new pink that I picked up ... Sinful Colors 24/7. After this first use, I decided I wasn't a big fan of this color. It's a few shades brighter than I usually wear and looks more neon on the nail than it does in the bottle.

I used my black It's So Easy Nails Stripe Rite brush to draw the outline of the black argyle sections. At first, I was filling them with a black Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, but realized I had better control using the striper to fill in the outlines.

Where it all went wrong was when I whipped out the white striper brush -- the polish had gone a little clumpy and the brush was hard to control, which meant the  application was really uneven. If you decide to do this mani at home, I would recommend using a newer striper brush and polish that has a good consistency.

This is definitely one that I'm going to try again sometime, only with a new brush and a color other than that shocking shade of pink!

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