Friday, November 30, 2012

Gray and Pink Floral Dot Manicure

I've been keeping my manicures pretty simple lately since I cut my thumb while slicing a pear earlier this week (and as you all can probably guess, acetone and nail polish remover stings like mad when you've got an open wound). Hopefully this weekend it will be 100 percent healed and I can come up with a new design or be inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. I've been avidly following Chalkboard Nails, where I've found a lot of helpful tips on nail art that have really helped improve my polishing skills.

Today's mani is a simple pastel polka dot with pink flowers on the accent nail. For the base color, I used two coats of OPI Skull and Glossbones, which Wendy used in a previous floral print stamping manicure. The pink dots were done with my medium-sized dotting tool and OPI Pink Friday. For the flowers, I used a technique I adopted from Chalkboard Nails. As you can see, I don't follow her tutorial step by step, and I was really happy with the way these flowers turned out. This is the first time I tried using a dab of glitter for the center of the flower, and I'm pretty pleased with the effect.
My pinky gives me a really small space to work with, so I goofed a bit on the spacing of the dots.
Skull & Glossbones is definitely one of our tried-and-true colors and we've found that it looks good on almost any skin tone. It goes on glossy and smooth and I always love an OPI base to help stop chipping!

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