Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Spring Swatches

I have a few spring swatches today from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line that are bright, colorful and great for the season. The brushes on these polishes don't have the same Precision Brush that some of the other polishes do, like the Complete Salon Manicure line, but it doesn't affect the application too much, especially with the glitters. Check out the swatches and some of my thoughts below.

Supernova over Rosy Outlook (a Complete Salon Manicure color)
Supernova is one of those "tried and true" glitters that I've seen done many times over the years. The glitter pieces don't vary in size, so you won't get a lot of the depth and complexity that you find in newer polishes — but on the flip side, you pretty much know what you're going to get when using this polish. Supernova has a clear base with small, circular glitter pieces in blue, purple and pink. The formula was on the thinner side, which was a little surprising considering how densely packed it looks in the bottle. It's a nice color combination, similar to the shades you'll find in OPI's Polka Dot Com, but the glitter here spreads a bit easier than with the OPI polish (which also has varying sizes of glitter pieces).

Perky Pink over Sally Hansen Shell We Dance
If I follow Annie's rule of picking colors solely based on the name, I'd fall in love with this color in an instant. While it's not as "perky" as its name implies, Perky Pink adds a tint of pink to whatever color you wear it over. It definitely brightened up the muted Shell We Dance and offers a subtle sparkle with its foil glitter pieces.

Breezy Blue
I'd prepared myself not to like Breezy Blue because I've never had much luck with this particular shade, but was pleasantly surprised. It's an icy sky blue and I achieved full opacity with two coats. A subtle shimmer with frosty undertones livens it up and I think that's what helps even out the polish upon application.

Coin Flip
In the bottle, Coin Flip looks like a brown/bronze shimmer, but after application it takes on more of a golden hue. It's very sparkly, but lighter than you would imagine based on the color in the bottle. Pictured below is two coats. Beware though — upon removal, it makes a giant mess on your fingers (see my index finger for example; I had to remove and reapply and despite rubbing vigorously I had little microglitters all over my finger).

Overall, my favorite shades from these spring colors were Perky Pink and Breezy Blue ... can't wait to try Perky Pink in some nail art I have planned in the upcoming weeks! 

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