Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Spring Shades

The weather here has been so up and down that it's hard to believe it's already spring. Spring is traditionally the season of florals and pastels, so today I'm going to show you a selection of pinks and neutrals from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line.
To give you a little bit of background information, this collection is described by Sally Hansen as a seven-in-one formula containing all seven steps of a manicure in one bottle: base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, gel shine and chip resistance. This is an enhanced formula, which previously contained the first five steps. Despite the fact that this polish has a base coat built in, I never paint my nails without using a separate base coat to protect them. I did photograph them below without top coat so you can see the natural application.

The best thing about these polishes, aside from the huge range of colors, is that they feature Sally Hansen's Precision Brush. This is a shorter, flatter brush than typically found in other lacquers, and according to Sally Hansen it contains an 800-bristle count. It's the perfect shape to apply even layers of polish close to your cuticles without flooding them. One thing to note, however, is that in a few of these bottles some of the bristles had formed jagged edges and made the application a little difficult and streaky. This happens a lot with some of my older polishes, so it's just something to look out for while picking out your polishes from the store.

Here are four swatches from the collection that are perfect for spring:

Rosy Outlook is a vibrant rose pink. It's a great pop of color in this season of blushes and soft hues and I think this would be ideal for floral print nail art. Pictured above is two coats; the application was easy and I got full opacity with just two coats. It dried well without any streaks, so I think this is a good "grab and go" polish if you're in a hurry and need to skip top coat. This is one of the new shades that was in the last batch of colors released, and I think it's a great addition.

Shell We Dance is a soft sheer blush. The color was so subtle that my camera just wasn't picking up  the right hue, but you can faintly see the pink tint in my second photo. Even with the three coats above, the color still appeared sheer. I wouldn't recommend using more than three coats though, as the polish was already starting to thicken. Even though it's not totally opaque, this is a great color and perfect if you're trying to follow the blush trend for the season.

Almost Almond is almost a fantastic polish, but stops just short of being awesome. it's a good neutral base, but something about the slight shimmer in the color makes it look slightly streaky in person. I think on some people this would look amazing — I'm thinking it'd be better on women with tanner skin — but for my skin tone it falls a little flat. 

For polishes like this, I wish I was able to splurge on a macro lens. Gilty Party is a truly gorgeous blend of microglitters in bronze, silver and gold. It's beautiful in person and has so much depth in the different metallic colors. Does it make a mess when you remove it? Absolutely. Is it worth it? 100 percent.

Of these polishes, Gilty Party was the biggest stand-out for me, simply because I haven't quite seen another polish like this one in stores. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes retail for $7.99 each at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationally. You can visit the webpage for the line to view all of the colors before stopping by a store.

Sally Hansen products in this post were provided for review. See my disclosure policy for additional information.

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