Friday, March 8, 2013

Katy Perry Glitters

These aren't new polishes, but since I've been so obsessed with glitters lately I decided to swatch my OPI Katy Perry collection glitters that I bought a long time ago. I remember the day I bought these; I was so excited because I hadn't been able to find them for a while ... and I love Katy Perry.

First up is Last Friday Night, named after my absolute favorite Katy Perry dance song. Seriously. Laugh all you want, but give me a Friday night with my girls and I'm all set.

This is two coats of Last Friday Night layered over three coats of OPI My Pointe Exactly (a sheer blue-ish gray). Last Friday night has just a hint of blue base with fine glitters as well as some larger pieces that have an iridescent sheen to them. It's a really subtle look, much more subtle than Katy Perry herself, but with just enough sparkle to make your fingers stand out. 

Next is Teenage Dream, a soft pink with glitters similar those in Last Friday Night.

The base on this one was a little more opaque than on the super sheer Last Friday Night, however. I used two coats of Otherwise Engaged as my base, but was really surprised when I layered Teenage Dream over it, only to find that the pink was much more defined than I expected. 

My favorite of the two was Teenage Dream (I fall in love with anything pink), but both are great, consistent glitters that offer you a lot of sparkle with each application.

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  1. ive heard a lot about the katy perry nail polish, they look so angelic!