Thursday, March 21, 2013

OPI Nicki Minaj Chevron Stripe

I'm an unapologetic "Glee" fan, so every Thursday evening I catch the tail end of "American Idol" (I'm actually watching it right now). What I'm not, however, is a fan of Nicki Minaj (just a personal preference ... that voice), but when these OPI colors from the Nicki Minaj collection came out last year I fell in deep, deep love.

To this day, Fly is one of my absolute favorite polishes because of how smooth it applies and how rich the color is. For this mani, I wanted to use all of the colors from the collection, but only succeeded in using four.

 From left to right (base color): Fly, Did It On 'Em, Metallic 4 Life and Pink Friday.

Each of the colors shown is  done with two coats for full opacity. Did It On 'Em and Pink Friday needed a thicker coat than Fly and Metallic 4 Life because they were a little streaky.

I freehanded the chevron pattern on each nail (I'm too lazy to use tape most of the time). It's a little hard to see, but on my accent nail, I have a small crystal rhinestone.

I'll end this now as "American Idol" finishes and I've muted Ms. Minaj mid-rant about a girl named Amber. Swatches to come this weekend!


  1. love this! definitely following you:)

  2. Thanks! This one was a lot of fun to do :)