Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mint Apple Pattern

I'm not sure if I love this manicure because it's cute and easy, or because I started re-watching my favorite high-school soap opera drama, "One Tree Hill" (I know, how five years ago).

I love the color of this polish from Sinful Colors, Mint Apple. It's actually darker than mint, a lovely blend of aqua and light emerald with a subtle shimmer. The formula is a little thin, but with two thick coats I got the opacity I was looking for.

For the pattern, I started out by painting the vertical stripes on my tips with a striping brush. After swiping a horizontal line above them, I moved on to my dotting tool with small and medium tips. I started with larger dots near the tips and then worked my way down using the smaller end of the tool.

Overall, I think it could be a little neater, but it's quick, easy nail art that looks a lot more complicated than it is!

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