Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tree Love

One of my best friends moved up to the Bay Area for college and when I went to visit her, there were trees. Everywhere. So Connie, if you ever read my blog, this one's for you.

I'm not an outdoors person by any means. I'm not even a "sit outside under a tree with a good book and enjoy the sun" kind of person. I enjoy working indoors, at a desk, with all the comforts that four solid walls and a ceiling provide me. This nail art is definitely inspired by my outdoorsy friends and husband, people that can spend all day outside and not want to immediately shower off all the dirt and germs that collect under your nails.

My base color was three coats of OPI Funny Bunny—it actually applied a bit more sheer than usual, so I must have used lighter layers this time. The tree trunk was done with the same mix of Sinful Colors Black on Black and China Glaza Mahogany Magic that I used for my pizza nails yesterday, though today it came out darker because I upped the ratio of black to brown. I used a striping brush to apply the trunks and randomly placed branches (I think the middle finger turned out the best).

With a dotting tool, I added leaves of Don't Mess With OPI. Once those were dry, I went over them with a smaller dotting tool using OPI Green-Wich Village to add some dimension—I think the two colors go really well together.

Although I'm not a tree-hugger, I think this is easy nail art that anyone can accomplish.

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