Saturday, January 12, 2013

#PureIceMyCity: Huntington Beach, CA

Pure Ice is hosting a #pureicemycity 1,000-bottle nail contest! To rep my hometown and favorite city in the world, I'm sporting two surf-inspired manicures (I love my town so much I couldn't do just one!).

I'm lucky enough to live in a city where the skies are sunny nearly every day of the year. Huntington Beach, Calif., also known as Surf City, USA, is home to the annual U.S. Open of Surfing and a super lively downtown scene. In my first manicure, I'm featuring one my favorite spots in the city: the Huntington Beach pier and the iconic Ruby's Diner. I once went up in a small plane with my husband while he was taking a flight class and one of the only landmarks I could pick out was the brick red roof of the Ruby's on the pier.

Entry info:
Name: Allison H. - Glitter and Gloss
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Why You Love It: With sunny skies nearly every day of the year, downtown Huntington Beach is the perfect place to spend the day. The pier is at the center of our downtown area and offers the perfect vantage point to watch surfers catch a wave in Surf City, USA.

If you're interested in entering, check out the link here.
The iconic HB Ruby's Diner, located at the end of the Huntington Beach pier with 365-degee views of the beach, downtown and the Pacific Ocean
Huntington Beach: Surf City, USA

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