Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zoya Color Your World Swatches

There's nothing I love more than opening up a new bottle of nail polish. I just got my order in that I placed during Zoya's Color Your World promo earlier this month and I was doubly excited to swatch my first Zoya polishes.
First up is Zoya Aurora, a bright fuschia-hued purple with micro-fine glitter. For this swatch, I used two coats, as I usually do. Zoya's website promised full coverage, and although I was skeptical at first, I can definitely say that this polish offers full opacity. This was my favorite shade of the three I ordered -- I love the holographic sparkle and the depth to the glitter.
So I live in Southern California, but unfortunately my little corner of the world doesn't get much sun. And by my corner of the world, I mean my bottom floor apartment that's in the shade 95 percent of the day. I snapped a quick photo of last night's swatches on my way to work today, so on a rare appearance, check out my nails in the sun:
Next up is Zoya Frida. This is a sorbet polish with a sheer finish, so I would definitely recommend using it if you're doing a jelly sandwich manicure. For this swatch I used five coats and as you can see, it's still quite sheer. Zoya rates Frida as a 2 on their color intensity scale, and I think I would agree. The formula is on the thinner side of the sheer polishes I've used in the past, so when you're applying make sure that you don't have too much on your brush or you'll have a lot of clean-up to do. Though the formula isn't my favorite, I do love the color ... I've had a hard time finding teal-blue shades that I like, so I may use this on a jelly sandwich mani soon!

Finally, for my last polish I picked Zoya Kelly. When I ordered Kelly, I thought it would actually be lighter and more purple than gray based on the website photo. In the bottle it's definitely true to its photograph, but after two coats as I used below, it  turned out to be a dark gray with purple undertones. I loved the formula as this polish; it's a great, smooth creme that applies very evenly. I probably could have stopped with just one coat and achieved full coverage, but since I usually swatch two coats I decided to keep going.

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