Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blue Animal Print Gradient

As you might have already noticed, I'm a big fan of animal prints. Why? Because they're really easy and very fun

Since I've already done more in-depth posts on sponging and animal prints, I'll keep this one quick. For my base color, I used two coats of OPI Skulls & Glossbones. Over that, I sponged a layer of China Glaze Caribbean Blue — I actually had to do this several times, since it's a little more sheer than the OPI cremes that I used. I did this with a ripped up make-up wedge, which works great to add texture. After that dried, I sponged OPI Dating a Royal on the tips, followed by painting the animal stripes with my black Stripe Rite brush.

With a layer of top coat, I was done and have a quick, colorful manicure!

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