Friday, December 7, 2012

Multicolored Zebra Print Mani

I've been on a colorful kick lately and today's mani is no different. I used all OPI creme polishes again, including some of my favorites and one color I'd never tried before.
On my thumb, I have a base of You Don't Know Jacques, a dark brown creme I'd never used before despite buying it a year ago in a "Best of OPI" minis set (oh the dangers of buying minis).

Next is Don't Mess With OPI, Fly, A Grape Fit and My Boyfriend Scales Walls, all great shades that I've used for other manis. Fly is one of my favorite polishes because of the bright, vibrant color -- even my mom is a fan!
I used a black striper brush to draw the zebra print over two coats of polish. After those dried, I used a silver striper brush to accent the print.
My favorite of the five colors was actually the white, My Boyfriend Scales Walls -- it inspired me to create a snow leopard mani next, so keep an eye out for new nail art up on the blog soon!
(From L-R: My Boyfriend Scales Walls, A Grape Fit, You Don't Know Jacques, Fly, Don't Mess With OPI

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