Saturday, December 8, 2012

Teal Saran Wrap Mani

I think Saran Wrap nails are becoming a much more popular way of fool-proof marbling. I found this tutorial on Birchbox and decided to try it. They give a great detailed step-by-step process on the tutorial, so I won't go into specifics, but after a few trials and errors I did find that putting top coat on over the base color was the best way to ensure that the polish from the first layer didn't marble as well. Also, please don't use Q-tips to clean up your polish smudges! I've tried this in the past and every time I end up with those small fuzzy threads embedded on my nails or stuck to my cuticles. Use an angled make-up brush dipped in some acetone, and remember to press lightly!

For this mani, the colors I used were two coats of OPI Funny Bunny with one coat of OPI Ski Teal We Drop.

Check out the photos below!

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