Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OPI Rainbow Stripes French Tip Mani

Even when I was younger, I loved French tips. It's such a classic, clean look that is just completely timeless. As I got older, colored French tips went in and out of style -- first they were trendy, then they were gaudy and so on. Now that I have an ample collection of lacquers in more shades than I could have ever dreamed of, I just don't care if jazzing up my basic French manicure is in fashion: I love color and I'm not afraid to show it!

This is one of my favorite manis that I've done, even though it's so simple. It combines everything I love about nail polish -- neutrals, bright colors, creme polishes and French tips -- and rolls it into one awesome mani.
I started with a base of OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh, which is becoming one of my favorite neutral shades for its smooth, easy-to-apply formula. After the two coats I put on dried, I used striping tape to help guide my tips. Usually when I'm doing a traditional French mani, I'll freehand the tips and then use a makeup brush for clean-up; however, since I had put a base color down I decided to be extra cautious and use the tape.

All polishes on my tips are from OPI, beginning with In My Back Pocket on my thumb, followed by (L-R) OPI Elephantastic Pink, A Grape Fit, Don't Mess With OPI and Fly. The colors were all flat cremes with no shimmer, which was perfect for the look I was going for with this mani. The only polish that needed a second coat was the purple, A Grape Fit. It helped that all of the bottles were a little older, so the lacquer had a chance to thicken just a bit, while still being completely usable.
I topped off the colorful tips a coat of black polish (I think it was Sally Hansen, but I can't be sure. I just grabbed the black bottle that was closest to me) using striping tape, and voila -- a colorful French mani using some of my favorite OPI shades!

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