Friday, March 30, 2012

Betsy Johnson Too Too Scented Swatch

Sephora by OPI recently released a line of Betsey Johnson nail polishes.  True to Betsey's style, the colors and bright and fun, and definitely great for this season.  Most intriguing to us was the Too Too Scented Nail Colour, a hot pink nail polish with the scent of Betsey's perfume 'Too Too" infused in it.

The polish is a hot neon pink, a little bit darker than a regular hot pink.  I definitely think there are many other polishes out there that are similar to this color, but it's definitely a type of color that all girls should own one of!  The packaging that this bottle comes in is also super cute. I would expect nothing less from Betsey!
The polish goes on smoothly, it is opaque within two coats, and as you can tell from the photo it goes on pretty shiny (that's without top coat!)

Most of you are probably wondering about the scent aspect of the polish.  Yes! It does work! The polish definitely smells like Betsey's perfume, and quite powerfully so, especially on the first day.  It is definitely floral, I'm not quite sure what is in the perfume but I can definitely smell the notes of Patchouli on my nails.  The scent is quite long lasting, I could smell it for 4 days, although the first day was exponentially stronger than the following days. I actually find that the scent was more pleasant on the second day since it wasn't quite as overpowering.

If you are a fan of Betsey Johnson, I think this would be a good one to pick up! There are also 6 other full sized polishes by Betsey, and 6 minis in a set also available at Sephora.

This nail polish is only available at Sephora.  I generally like the Sephora by OPI polishes, but the brush is on the smaller side, which I personally find more difficult to use than the regular OPI brushes

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