Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Swatches from Sinful Colors


From L to R: Luminary, Cinderella, Morning Star, Sweet Dreams
Spring is here and in honor of this sunny season I picked up a few fun new shades. Originally, I set out to just buy Sinful Colors Cinderella, but once I got there I had to restrain myself from going crazy ... at only $1.99 each, these polishes were a steal!
Although it looks a bit darker in the photo than in person, Luminary  is a soft yet vibrant coral. It's pretty much the epitome of spring, bottled up as a super cute nail polish. I wasn't crazy about the formula of this one—all of the Sinful Color polishes were actually a little bit runny for my tastes—but it's a great color. It went on with a few chunks and didn't have the smoothest application, but if you have a steadier hand, you may get better results. All in all, I did love this coral/orange and would look great with a tan.
Morning Star was my favorite of this batch of colors. It's a soft, delicate blue with a hint of shimmer (but not glitter, which makes all the difference). Although the first coat was a little sheer, with two coats I achieved the opacity I was going for. I'm actually sporting this one on all ten fingers right now, and I'm so happy with the look. The color reminds me of a pretty morning glory bloom and it's just such a great springtime polish.
In the bottle, Sweet Dreams actually reminds me a lot of Tiffany's robin's egg blue, but on my fingers it's a lot bolder. I like the color, but to me this wasn't a stand out polish. The formula was decent and so was the application, but I felt like the color (a flat creme) has been done before. Still, if you're looking for an inexpensive light turquoise, this may be a good option.
I was so sure I would fall in love with this color (which actually reminds me of my high school prom dress from many years ago), and I looked at several different stores before finally finding it right down the street at Walgreen's. In the bottle, it's the softest pastel blue imaginable, with a subtle shimmer that looks like it has flecks of pink and silver in certain light. However, when I got to polishing, it was nothing like what I imagined.

As pictured, the bottom two fingers are two coats of Cinderella, and I was so underwhelmed by the effect that I decided to try layering it over a coats of different whites. The top finger is one coat of Cinderella over OPI's Funny Bunny, and the second finger is one coat over OPI's Alpine Snow. Alpine Snow is probably my least favorite white from OPI, but it definitely showcases the color the best. However, none of these were really the look that I was trying to achieve with this color, and overall I'm really disappointed with everything from the opacity to the application.

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