Saturday, March 17, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colors Swatches

In honor of the Hunger Games movie opening on in just a few days (five days, 6 hours and 25 minutes, to be exact), we decided to finally swatch our China Glaze Capitol Colours ... which we were SUPER excited about!

The build-up to this collection was absolutely unbelievable ... never have all three of us wanted a collection so badly. In person, we admit, we weren't entirely impressed, but once swatched ... can I just say, wow! Wendy even went back and picked up her own bottle of Agro because she loved it so much.

Without further ado ... Happy Hunger Games! (And may the odds be ever in your favor.)
From top to bottom: Luxe and Lush over China Glaze Caribbean Blue; Stone Cold; Riveting
District 1—Luxe and Lush: Sorry for the bad picture, but Luxe and Lush is a really fun flakie top coat. I layered it over China Glaze's Caribbean blue for a really bright look, but I think this would look good over just about any color. Wendy had a bit of trouble layering it, but I didn't run into any problems; it went on smoothly and I achieved the look I was going for. My only issue came the next day: I guess I didn't put enough top coat on, because it started to peel at the corners of the flakies. It was kind of like looking at a Monet—beautiful from far away, but close up it's just a mess. Nevertheless, I would definitely buy again.

District 2—Stone Cold: I actually thought I would like this color a lot more than I did. I've been really curious about matte polishes, never having bought one before, and I was a little disappointed. It achieved full opacity with just one coat, but it went on really goop-y. The look was really cool, but I just don't think the application was worth it to use on a regular (or semi-regular) basis.

District 3—Riveting: Now I'm not usually an orange person, but I fell in love with Riveting. There's so much depth to this orange that it doesn't fall flat like a lot of other colors I've tried. Two coats of this baby and I'm ready to go! 

From top to bottom: Hook and Line, Electrify, Fast Track
District 4—Hook and Line: I really, really wanted to like this polish. I loved the color, but the application just, well, sucks. It's streaky and no matter how many coats I applied, it just couldn't be fixed. If the application could somehow be smoother, it'd be a top choice for me. I'm open to suggestions on improving the application!

District 5—Electrify: With a clear base, I felt that Electrify fell flat as a polish to be used on its own. Pictured above is two coats. I'm a big fan of glitter, but only if it's worth it—the removal is such a pain, that I've started only using glitters that I really love. I think layered over Riveting for a "girl on fire" look, Electrify will be a real winner.

District 6—Fast Track: In other photos I've seen, Fast Track has more of a pinkish hue to it. Wendy and I compared skin tones, and while her skin has more brown to it, I've got more pink to my fingertips. Fast Track looked more gold next to my skin, and it was a pretty unflattering shade. I did like the application on this one; it was smooth going on and looked great with two coats.

From top to bottom: Harvest Moon, Dress Me Up, Mahogany Magic
District 7—Mahogany Magic: I did these upside down, and I'm sorry for the poor picture quality. This one was a rich, creamy brown. To be honest, this color reminded me a little bit of poop ... not exactly what you want to come to mind as you gaze down at your fingers. It's a beautiful color, but just not for me.

District 8—Dress Me Up: You can't tell in this crappy photo, but Dress Me Up is a soft, creamy pink that would be more aptly named "Primrose." I'll try to get a better photo later, because I really loved this color.

District 9—Harvest Moon: Of all the colors in this collection, I thought I'd like this one the least. However, it's absolutely fantastic when applied. It's a rich copper with orange tones and lots of shine.

From top to bottom: Foie Gras, Agro, Smoke and Ashes
District 10—Foie Gras: I thought this color looked strangely familiar, so I swatched OPI's You Don't Know Jacques and lo and behold, we have a near-dupe. They're so similar that to the average eye, there's very little difference. I do love this color however, and the creme-based polish went on smoothly for a gray-ish brown-y purple-y look.

District 11—Agro: This one was Wendy's absolute favorite from this collection. I admit, it had a great shimmer and application, but didn't mesh well with my skin tone. It's a dark, olive-y green that I had some problems applying. It was a little runny so I couldn't get a clean line around my cuticle, but otherwise a good, solid addition to this collection.

District 12—Smoke and Ashes: Finally, a black that I'm in love with. Despite my serious issues with application (take a look at the mess I made of my cuticles), the color itself is wonderful. It's a metallic-based black that has hints of color in the flecks of glitter. This picture truly doesn't do it justice ... just make sure you use a good base coat!

To recap ... loved Riveting, Smoke and Ashes, Harvest Moon and Luxe and Lush, but honestly I could have done without the rest of the collection. However, as a huge Hunger Games AND nail polish fan, the entire collection was a must-have.

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