Saturday, March 24, 2012

China Glaze Electropop Collection Swatches

China Glaze released the Electropop Collection this season, with some really fun springy colors.  With both lights and brights, they are perfect for the colorful girl. In my personal collection, I have plenty of pastels and plenty of brights, and so I was really interested in the "Lights" from this collection.  I picked up 5 of the 12 colors, and swatches are below!

This first one is Kinetic Candy, pale Robin's Egg color. It's has a creamy finish and does require many coats to reach opacity. I personally love this color because it's the color of my bedroom---and it always reminds me of home. I think that this probably one of the more unique colors in this collection.

This next one is Aquadelic, a bright bluish-green aqua color.  This is also creamy in consistency and very easy to apply. This type of color is so popular this season! I'm going to do another post soon on these minty blue-green colors.  Another thing I like to do with a color like this is paint a vintage floral pattern on this blue background.  Super cute!

This one is Electric Beat, a light blue periwinkle.  I love love love my Essie Borrowed and Blue last Spring, and I think I'm going to take a step away from super pastely colors. And this might be the replacement for a favorite blue polish this season. I think these pale bright colors are super chic!

The last of the creamy colors I picked up is Sweet Hook.  This is a light lavender and I've been looking for a color like this! I love my OPI Do You Lilac It, and this is a lighter, less purple color.  However, it's more purple than "Care to Danse?", the light purple I reviewed from the NYC Ballet Collection.

Finally, Techno! Ahhhh silver glitter polishes, my weakness! After mooching off of Allison's bottle of OPI Servin' Up Sparkle for weeks now, I think I've found my own glitter polish that will work in it's place. This glitter polish consists of both small finer glitters and larger circular glitter particles.  A great glitter topcoat!

I love the colors that I picked up!  I would be interested in picking up Wicked (a bright raspberry color) and Gothic Lolita (a grape purple with shimmer).  Fun for spring! I've heard the complaints of this collection is that it is not that unique, however, I think that if you are looking for spring colors and are building your collection, this is a great place to start!

Happy Spring!

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