Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

Hunger Games comes out tonight and we are so excited! Just wanted to show off the mani I'm wearing to tonight's premiere, inspired by Katniss's own manicure when she entered the arena (Cinna, you are the best for making our kickass hero stylish as well!).  I recall when I read the the book, that Katniss's polish chipped during the games.  Girl needed a better topcoat!  Anywho, Allison also did a Girl On Fire inspired nail look, which you can check out here! Here's my rendition:

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, China Glaze Electrify, OPI Big Red Apple

I thought it would be fitting to use some of the colors from the China Glaze Capitol Colors collection for this look. I started off with China Glaze's Strong Adhesion Base Coat (please don't skip this step! Dark polishes will stain your nails!).  Then I put on one coat of China Glaze's Smoke and Ashes on all of my nails, one of my favorites from this collection.  Using OPI's Big Red Apple, I put one one thin swipe at the tip of each nail. It is a sheer layer, and I use it as a guide for the next step, which is putting on the glitter.  For the hardest part of this mani, I put on random vertical swipes of Electrify to make the flames.  Electrify is absolutely perfect for this look,the gold and red glitters make it way easier to emulate the fiery look.  Next I went back over the red region, and put another light coat of Big Red Apple  over it to seal together the look.  Finish off with Top Coat, and you're ready to let the games begin!

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