Thursday, March 29, 2012

How To: Easy Glitter Removal

So I'm a sucker for all things shiny, especially glitter nail polish. But unfortunately, the removal process is incredibly messy (not to mention time-consuming) and often leaves my hands looking like something straight out of Twilight. I've actually been avoiding using glitter in my manicures lately because it's just such a hassle. With almost two dozen glitter polishes though, it just seems like a crime not to use them—so, finally realizing that we live in the 21st century (duh!), I took to the Internet and got some awesome ideas on how to make glitter removal a pain-free process.

After trying a few different ways, I finally decided on my favorite: the tin foil and cotton ball method. First, I tore ten squares of aluminum foil, about 3"x3", then soaked the centers of ten cotton pads with nail polish remover. Placing the pads on my nail beds, I wrapped the aluminum squares tight around my fingers and left them there for about three minutes. Instead of just unwrapping the foil, I pulled them off the nail, in the same sweeping (away from the finger) motion I use regularly to remove nail polish.
The results were just incredible ... mind-blowing, even for someone who has been in love with nail polish for so long. I would say about 99 percent of the glitter came off, with absolutely no mess. With one more quick swipe of a cotton ball on each finger, I was ready to get down to business with a new manicure!

I'd love to hear how everyone else deals with the mess that glitter leaves behind ... especially if it's a way I can do it without depleting my stock of aluminum foil!

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